Wakeboarding in Kekova

Wakeboarding in Kekova

Waterskiing not for you? Why not test your skills at wakeboarding – a water-based activity that sees you towed by a boat as you skim along crystal clear waters jumping waves.


Our meeting point is either Demre Harbour or the boat where you’ll receive a short introductory briefing, a lifejacket and your wakeboard. We’ll keep your belongings safe while you’re out on the water, so feel free to bring anything you need with them.


Depending on your experience level, we will drive the boat at different speeds to ensure you have the best time out on the water. For beginners, we’ll teach you the basics before we depart so you can practice once we get going.

Included services

– MasterCraft X-7 boat with a driver

– Lifejacket

– Wakeboard

– Safety instructions


– Minimum age: 10 years

– Good physical health

– Confident swimming skills

Starting from AUD$105

Pay a deposit AUD$21