Diversity Staffing Report for SAILNSTAY


At SAILNSTAY, we value the diverse backgrounds and experiences that each member brings to our team. This Diversity Staffing Report offers a transparent view of our workforce composition, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity in our organizational culture.

Workforce Composition

By Gender

Female: 47%
Male: 47%
Non-Binary/Other: 6%

By Nationality

Australian: 10%
German: 10%
Turkish: 70%
British: 10%

By Age Group

Under 30: 30%
30-50: 50%
Over 50: 20%

Leadership Diversity

Female Leaders: 50%

Hiring and Promotion Practices

We prioritize inclusive hiring and fair promotion practices to ensure diversity at all organizational levels.

Training and Development

Our staff engage in regular training focused on diversity and inclusion, essential for fostering a respectful and understanding work environment.

Future Goals

To further enhance our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we aim to:

Enhancing Regional Representation: Aim to further diversify our team by recruiting individuals from various regions of Turkey, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of the country.
Cultural Training: Implement comprehensive cultural training programs for our staff to deepen their understanding of the regions we operate in, enhancing the authenticity of our cruise experiences.
Language and Communication Skills: Focus on enhancing language skills, particularly in languages prevalent among our clientele, to improve communication and service quality.
Promoting Maritime Heritage: Work towards increasing awareness and appreciation of Turkey’s maritime heritage among our team, fostering a deeper connection with the Blue Cruise experiences.
Community Collaboration: Strengthen ties with local communities and suppliers, particularly those directly connected to the maritime and tourism sectors, to enrich our offerings and support local economies.


Our diverse team is the cornerstone of SAILNSTAY’s success, enabling us to offer unique and authentic sailing experiences in Turkey. We are dedicated to continuing our journey towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace, which we believe is key to enriching the experiences we offer to our clients.

For more information or inquiries about our diversity initiatives, please visit our Contact Us page.